How do I register to receive Vote-by-Mail ballots?

Complete the Application for Vote by Mail Ballot (link below) and return it to the Union County Clerk.  To received your Vote by Mail ballot, the application must be received by the Union County Clerk 7 days prior to the election.  A voter may also apply in person to the Union County Clerk until 3:00pm, the day of the election.  The Union County will not accept faxed or emailed copies of the application unless you are a Military or Overseas voter. 

Did you vote by mail in 2016 General Election?

All voters who voted by mail in the 2016 General Election will receive a Vote-by-Mail ballot for all future elections even if you opted out.  Governor Murphy signed a new law in August 2018 that negates the "opt-out" selection on the 2016 Vote-by-Mail ballot.

How do I stop receiving Vote-by-Mail ballots?

You must write the Union County Clerk, Joanne Rajoppi, to stop receiving Vote-by-Mail ballots.  Download the Opt-out form, print it out, fill it out, and mail it to the Union County Clerk. 

Can I vote at a polling station if I received a Vote-by-Mail ballot?

No.  State Law prohibits anyone who receives a Vote-by-Mail ballot from voting on a voting machine on Election Day.  However, you can vote on a paper provisional ballot on Election Day.

What is a Provisional Ballot?

Provisional ballots are paper ballots used at polling places on election day.  You can use a provision ballot if you:

- Are a registered vote in the county who moved within the county but did not notify the county

- Are an active NEED ID voter who did not provide identification information

- Received a VBM ballot but did not apply for one

- Received a VBM ballot but did not receive it

- Received a VBM ballot but did not return/mail it